Welcome to The Bodmin Neighbourhood Plan Website

Late in 2019, Bodmin Town Council began the preparatory work for the Bodmin Neighbourhood Plan. Progress on the Neighbourhood Plan has been disrupted by the COVID 19 outbreak but, as lockdown begins to ease, we want to get back to work. A Neighbourhood Plan is a special kind of plan for the future of a town or village. (You can find more information about Neighbourhood Plans on our FAQs page).

Engagement with residents is a mandatory aspect of any Neighbourhood Plan and planning had begun on a programme of events and surveys to engage Bodmin residents and canvas opinions. Sadly, the outbreak resulted in postponement of the physical gatherings planned, and it is not clear when these might happen. However, we are going to use what technology we can to make a start.

We have drafted some themes and topics to serve as a basis of the consultation with residents. You can see these on the Themes Page on this website. There are four overarching Themes, each containing four or five Topics

  • Theme 1 - Business and Employment

  • Theme 2 - Housing

  • Theme 3 - Community

  • Theme 4 - Climate Change and Future Sustainability


Getting Started

As a first step, we want to collect resident feedback about these Themes and Topics, and specifically to understand the relative importance of the Topics. So, please visit the Have Your Say! Page and tell us what is important to you.

During the consultation phase of the Plan, the Have Your Say! Page will feature a series of feedback exercises that will contribute to the information we need to develop the Plan. So, please do Have Your Say! and encourage others to do so too.

Bodmin faces an uncertain future and we all face new challenges as we move to the “new normal”. The Neighbourhood Plan gives us an opportunity to move forward, as a community, to determine what we want Bodmin to be like in the years to come. Please get involved !

'Explore Bodmin' shows some of the great things about Bodmin:            Bodmin’s Mayor, Jeremy Cooper, explains why it is important                                                                                                                                  for Bodmin residents to get involved in planning Bodmin’s future: