Following the agreement by Bodmin Town Council to create a  Neighbourhood Development Plan for Bodmin, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was formed to engage with the community and to implement the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan document.

The Chairman of this Steering Group is Councillor J P Cooper.

The Steering Group currently consists of the following Town Councillor Members:

E M Ahearn
J A Bassett
P Brown
J P Cooper (Chairman)
P T Cooper
J R Gibbs
D A Henderson
P L G Skea

Seven independent formal representatives from the public will also be elected to sit on the Steering Group.


Oversee the neighbourhood plan for Bodmin

The main purpose of a Bodmin Steering Group is to oversee the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan for Bodmin in order that this will then progress to Independent Examination and a successful community referendum and ultimately be adopted by Cornwall Council to become planning policy.


The Steering Group will engage the local community to ensure that the Plan is truly representative of the ambitions of Bodmin. The Group will maximise support for the approach taken in the Neighbourhood Plan by ensuring high levels of community engagement throughout the plan-making process.




That the Steering Group will undertake the process in a democratic, transparent and fair fashion, encouraging widespread participation and giving equal consideration to opinions and ideas from all members of the community. b) All decisions made shall be fully evidenced and supported through consultation with the local community.  




Eight members of Bodmin Town Council. Membership of the Steering Group will be open to the public indefinitely, up to a maximum of 15 voting members, independent representatives from the Bodmin community. If a Town Councillor is not re-elected, leaves short of his/her term or simply does not stand for election again, it shall be up to the group, whether that person shall remain a member of the group in another capacity.