Theme 1: Business and Employment

1.1 Employment and housing balance

To ensure sufficient attractive and mixed employment opportunities for the number of houses being planned.

1.2 Land allocation and employment space

To ensure that land allocation and planning permissions take into account the need for appropriate employment space and buildings.

1.3 Business mix and sustainability

To ensure that the businesses in Bodmin offer the right mix of employment opportunities that are also sustainable and future oriented. Enable development of businesses shops and services that benefit residents and the economy.

1.4 Town centre regeneration

This is a significant issue, and one that impacts on all aspects of people’s lives in Bodmin. Town centres are declining all over the country because of changes in retail behaviours and Bodmin needs to think outside the box and plan what changes need to be made to the town centre to make it a vibrant, safe and welcoming place for residents and visitors alike.

1.5 Tourism

Promote the town as a welcoming, friendly and visit-worthy destination for visitors with its strategic

placement between the North Cornwall Coast and Bodmin moor connected with excellent road and public transport links to the rest of the country.

To develop the area’s tourism offer in a way that also enriches life for residents in terms of potential business and employment opportunities and improved leisure and dining options.