Theme 3: Community

3.1 Healthy and independent living for all ages

Encouraging more active lifestyles and reducing social isolation for people of all ages through provision of affordable and accessible health and fitness facilities and services.

Conserve and enhance existing open spaces and leisure facilities including improving connectivity to key facilities and the integration and development of existing local walks, cycle trails (e.g. the Camel Trail) and the Dark Sky Heritage site.

3.2. Promoting Community connectivity, engagement and action

Encouraging and enabling ways for people to connect, interact and work together to build stronger and more resilient communities

It is widely acknowledged that areas with strong communities enjoy an improved functioning of democracy, prevention of criminal or anti-social behaviour and enhanced economic development.

3.3 Community buildings and facilities

Provision of affordable and accessible community buildings and facilities including a day care hub for all ages, space for community activities and voluntary organisations to run events and activities.

3.4 Community events and activities

Opportunities for large and small groups to get together and strengthen community bonds, raise awareness and funds.

3.5 Conservation of heritage assets and identity

To ensure that we protect what has made Bodmin special throughout its long history while building a strong sense of community and identity for a future that embraces both long term residents and newcomers.