Theme 2: Housing

2.1 Sustainability and accessibility

To ensure that all new housing developments are built to acceptable energy efficient standards with features that are preparing for the future e.g. car charging points and broadband networks. Also, that they are designed to accommodate people of all ages and those with disabilities.

2.2. Housing mix: type and tenure

To ensure that the housing mix in terms of both type, design and tenure is appropriate for the plans to grow a vibrant and prosperous town that offers affordable options for all. This will also include need for specialist housing e.g. extra care facilities and bungalows and innovative housing options e.g. house share.

2.3 Design and character

To ensure that housing developments being built are built to high standards and are attractive and in keeping with Bodmin’s character and identity. Also that developments are designed to encourage connectivity, healthy lifestyles, community support and accommodate communities of all ages.

2.4 Balance of housing growth with provision of infrastructure and essential services

This vitally important topic refers to the need to ensure that the availability of essential services and infrastructure including primary and secondary health care, dentists, schooling, day care for young and old is adequate in terms of both quantity and quality to satisfy the growing population.