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Neighbourhood Plan website poll results

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Neighbourhood Plan website poll results

As part of the residents’ consultation for the Bodmin Neighbourhood Plan, a poll has been conducted via the Plan Bodmin website.

This poll asked responders to choose which three topics were most important to them from a list of topics, all related to aspects of the development of Bodmin and its community. This chart shows the top ten, of nineteen topics, showing the percentage of people who selected the topic as one of their three most important.

The topic considered most important by 68% of responders was the Balance of housing growth with the provision of infrastructure and essential services which is understandable given the significant proposed housing development to take place within the next 8 years.

The second most important topic, selected by 60% of responders, was Town Centre Regeneration. The decline of the town centre, resulting from the decline of the town centre retail, is a regular discussion topic on local social media sites. This decline is a nationwide trend, driven by the growth of online shopping and the popularity of out of town retail parks. These trends are unlikely to reverse so we need to rethink and rebuild our town centre to be the heart of our community.

Third, selected by 30% of responders, was Open and Green Spaces, footpaths and green infrastructure. In 4th place was Traffic, transport and parking which is an issue that will be at the heart of the future of the town centre and our ability to become greener, cleaner and more environmentally sustainable.

The next stage of the Neighbourhood Plan consultation will be a comprehensive questionnaire that will be sent to every household to give everyone a chance to have their say about these and other topics.

Visit the Plan Bodmin website at to see more news and resources about the Neighbourhood Plan.

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