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Plan Bodmin 'Have Your Say!' Launch

Have Your Say!

Bodmin Town Council launches ‘’ to support its Neighbourhood Development Plan

Bodmin Town Council began the preparatory work for Bodmin’s Neighbourhood Development Plan in December 2019, with the name ‘Plan Bodmin’. The pandemic prevented progress but as lockdown begins to ease, Bodmin’s Mayor, Jeremy Cooper, is keen to get back to work on the plan and he urges residents to get involved,

“As Bodmin plans for its future, we know many people hope for a fairer and more sustainable town. This is a real opportunity to have an active say in the future of Bodmin. The plan cannot be produced without you! We need your help to identify the key issues and your input in the plan is vital. The plan will only be adopted after a local referendum.”

The mayor continues,

“In very simple terms ‘Plan Bodmin’ is a document that sets out planning principles that are used to guide planning applications. It gives us an opportunity to move forward, together, as a community, to determine what we want Bodmin to be like in the years to come. It is critically important that Bodmin’s residents get involved and have their say.”

He adds,

“We are delighted to announce that we are launching the ‘Plan Bodmin’ website ‘’. The ‘Have Your Say’ section invites you to review themes and topics and tell us which are the most important to you. We will use this data to help us develop a questionnaire that will be delivered to every household in Bodmin, to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to tell us what they want.” 

What is a Neighbourhood Plan (NDP)?

A NDP is a community-led framework used to guide the future development and growth of an area. The NDP can influence development type and appearance via the planning process once the Bodmin NDP is adopted. It can also comment on regeneration, recreation space and conservation.

Once adopted by referendum of the residents, the NDP will form part of the statutory development plan for the area, subject to conforming to National Policies, Cornwall Local Strategic Policies and independent examination. The plan will then be adopted as a formal planning policy by Cornwall Council. This statutory status will give Bodmin’s NDP legal weight so that it must be considered when planning decisions are being made and when setting out local level planning policies for the area that shape the future development of the community.

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